Reply To: Two Jigs on the Seraphone


Ooops, 3000€ is pretty much…

Nevertheless, it would be worth the price for a customized instrument. There are some features we discussed that the newly developed “Ballone Burini Vibrandoneon” could or should have – I don’t know if you have already read this thread:

The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon

The same goes for the Séraphone, too. Perhaps you could take some of our suggestions into account, or at least some features could be realized for a customized instrument.

I saw on the presentation video that there are two quick releases to be able to open the instrument quickly. The inside is censored, but I hope if you open the instrument that way you can straightly get to the reeds, right? If yes, this is an absolutely ingenius invention!

Greetings, Quetscher

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