Reply To: New melodica build video

Rey Florian

Hello Daren,

I am a little disappointed with your answer and at the same time I approve it at 100%.
I suspected that walking on the voice of the melodica creator would not be plug and play 😉

I reviewed your video, and I noted each passage to better understand the stages of building of your new melodica. I understand better indeed the difficulty of arriving at this amazing instrument, and the years it will have taken you to achieve this manufacturing process.

I particularly remember the fixing of the reeds with beeswax. 🐝

For the 3D part, I will start to take it easy because it could be a big job and I already spend too much time on my computer at work 😉 because i am software engieneer. 💻

I read that you were using particular software which seemed to be in development at the time.

I’m using software which is currently in development, so not commercially available now. I’m not sure what options are out there. I’ve heard of Rhino and Blender (which is free), but haven’t used them.

What about the 3D software you use today?

Can you give us your feedback on this experience, because by reading your blog I did not find the name of the software.

Have a nice day.


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