Reply To: A MIDI Melodica

Jerry Ballard

Thanks for this info Antonio! Its so hard to get this info.
I was completely unaware of the amount of noise made by the Tecontrol mouthpiece.
When I said ‘GarageBand’ I guess was more referring to ‘ipad apps in general’.
The Totter interface uses optical switches on each key (simple on/off) and adapts the bellows air pressure sensor as volume control from the wind pupe.
My primary use case will be:
Vibrandoneon->midi interface (eg iRig Pro Duo)->iPad->sound generator (eg SampleTank).
With live performance as the main use.

The main thing I like about the Tec BC is the bite control which lets me add pitch bend or growl.

But for the life of me I cant figure out how tge usb connection for the Tec gets connected into this setup.
Im thinking that initially, I’ll just use the straight Totter system and have volume control only.


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