Reply To: 3D Printed Mouthpieces


For most parts I usually use a trumpet mouth piece because I like the control I get. I have used the Hohner and Suzuki ones that come with the melodica and for the Melodicas I have made, I have incorporated trumpet, French horn and soprano sax modified mouth pieces. I have been doing some research to make a mouth piece for a project I am almost done with and I have chosen Ebonite (hard rubber) The same material used on some older saxophone mouth pieces (not Plastic) so I can turn on the lathe and shape on the mill. I also considered Bakelite but I could not find a rod the size I needed with out paying a small fortune. I do have some ideas in mind, I do know that it will most likely not be a trumpet style mouth piece for this project. I order this material from Russia, unfortunately it can take as mush as 8 weeks to get, so my project sits 🙁

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