Reply To: Scala Scaletta 34


Hello Andre, great video and very interesting Melodica. I know that Hohner had some melodicas made in Brazil that were not common in other parts of the world. Alan here on Melodicaworld, has one called “International” with the Horner Label. This table does not resemble the traditional Hohner label, the name Hohner is a standard font. I am wondering if your melodica comes from the same factory as that of the one that Alan has. the style of the body as mentioned does have a similar look to the Professional 36. it has a little muted tone compared to the Pro 36 but again it could be your recording and the microphone you are using. I know that you did not open the melodica, but when you do it would be great to see the inside and the reeds to compare with the Pro 36. Is this Melodica a common find in Brazil? if so I would love to have one. Please let me know if you see another…
Thank you

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