Reply To: ¿Suzuki pro 37 v2?


Hello Jose.

If you are looking for a melodica to create a relaxing atmospheres and play jazz, I don’t think the Suzuki Pro 37 is a good choice. I purchased one and it was the most brash (bright) sounding melodica I ever heard. After 10 minutes of playing, I put it back in the box and returned it. Good for a marching band perhaps, but not for relaxing moods and jazz.

Yes, my assessment is very much a personal opinion, but if you search this forum for Suzuki Pro 37 I think you will find others feel the same way. Yet some love it.

I take my melodicas with a dash of darkness.

However, for a mainstream melodica that you could use at a professional level that is still vibrant, but not harsh, I might suggest you explore a Suzuki M-32C among others. I own one of these and love everything about it: the metal casing, build quality, feel of the keys, middle of the road size, precision performance, value for the money, and great powerful sound.

Don’t over look the review section on this website, where many melodicas are reviewed by knowledgeable players.


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