¿Suzuki pro 37 v2?

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    Hello from Spain! I am new in this world. Although as a musician I play various instruments, (also piano) I had never had a melodica. I want to buy a first melodica that does not stay too small with time, since it will be for professional purposes. I currently have a group that we do experimental music in a line type new age, and I want to incorporate a melodica. From what I’ve seen, maybe I chose a Suzuki. In fact, I was almost ready to buy the “Suzuki pro 37 v2”, but I found this wonderful page and I would like to know what you can advise me. My idea of sound is to create relaxing atmospheres, as well as, for other projects, I will use it for blues and jazz. The budget that I want to invest is a maximum of € 270. Thank you! (Excuse my bad English)

    Bruno Travi

    Hola José,
    Yo estoy en España y tengo varias melodicas, incluida la Suzuki Pro-37 por si te interesa probarlas.
    Escríbeme al email.

    Un saludo


    Hola Bruno!
    genial! Cómo puedo ver tu mail?
    Un saludo!


    Hello Jose.

    If you are looking for a melodica to create a relaxing atmospheres and play jazz, I don’t think the Suzuki Pro 37 is a good choice. I purchased one and it was the most brash (bright) sounding melodica I ever heard. After 10 minutes of playing, I put it back in the box and returned it. Good for a marching band perhaps, but not for relaxing moods and jazz.

    Yes, my assessment is very much a personal opinion, but if you search this forum for Suzuki Pro 37 I think you will find others feel the same way. Yet some love it.

    I take my melodicas with a dash of darkness.

    However, for a mainstream melodica that you could use at a professional level that is still vibrant, but not harsh, I might suggest you explore a Suzuki M-32C among others. I own one of these and love everything about it: the metal casing, build quality, feel of the keys, middle of the road size, precision performance, value for the money, and great powerful sound.

    Don’t over look the review section on this website, where many melodicas are reviewed by knowledgeable players.


    Joanna Funk

    Hello Jose. I own a Suzuki Pro 37 v2 and played it for many years. But reviews say the Suzuki Pro 37 is not good value. I think that’s true. It’s quite heavy, and the sound is bright, the keys do not have much pressure, and the carrying case is soft. I have a better melodica now, but it is bigger. This website reviews melodicas of different sizes. You will find recommendations there for the size you want. Good luck! ?

    Bruno Travi

    José, en mi perfil esta

    Gianluca Barbaro

    Hi, I was in the very same situation just a few months ago. I first bought a new Yamaha p37d for about 100€ and it’s a great instrument. But then I found a used Hammond 44h for 250€: in my opinion it’s an entirely different class of instrument, much better than the Yamaha (and the p37d IS good).
    Draw your conclusions 😉



    Hello! Thank you all for your comments. They were very helpful. Finally, thanks to the invaluable help of Bruno Travi, I opted for two models that have the exact sound and performance of what I was looking for: Borel Clavietta and Hohner Professional 36. Those sounds fascinate me! Thanks friends! and of course, thank you Bruno!

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