Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P-37E – My Report

Alan Brinton

The P-37E shell, even with the old P-37D core inside (i.e., my hybrid P-37H), produces a noticeably more muted sound than the old P-37D, especially at the high end. This must be on account of the rubber strip and the new shell material and thickness. I believe, based on my experimentation with rubber strips, that it is the new shell that’s making the difference. The result is very pleasing to me, especially when I compare it to other Yamaha models, EXCEPT at the high end. the top five notes or so (the difference between 37 keys and 32 keys, of course) require much greater air pressure. It’s possible that widening the gaps on those reeds might help. I’m leery about experimenting with that at the moment.

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