Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P-37E – My Report

Alan Brinton


Introducing the new hybrid model, the Pianica P-37H.

My Hybrid

This model is still under development, but here you see the basic concept worked out. The P-37H closely resembles the previously introduced P-37E. Beneath the surface, however, hidden within the enclosure, is the tried and true Yamaha Pianica P-37D, as is suggested by a close examination of this photo, which reveals the familiar mouthpiece opening of the P-37D. Also noticeable is the burgundy hue of the hybrid’s moisture venting button. This finishing touch was suggested to our engineers by the E’s white button snapping off off during production.

A couple of other small modifications: Since the white reed chamber of the D model would show through the vent holes of the H, it had to be swapped out and replaced with the E’s sleek black reed chamber cover. Small foam rubber pads have been inserted, as shown in the following photo, to further stabilize the seating of the D body within the E enclosure.

Legal Disclaimer: Though closely resembling a Yamaha Pianica and constructed from genuine Yamaha parts, the astonishing P-37H is not an actual new model being introduced by the Yamaha Corporation or any of its affiliates.

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