• MARK Issadore posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Thanks for the Clavietta info.
    What is your opinion of the Hohner piano 27?
    I believe it is an Alto and the Piano 26 is a Soprano.
    I love the shape but not the mini keys,I do not know if I would find the high notes on the 26 too piercing.
    Is the key bed noisy?
    Does it feel and sound more like a toy than an instrument?
    Most sellers on eBay will sell them for around $40 plus or including shipping

    • Hi Mark. Read the reviews in the review section of this website. Five stars. Lowboy Bootay

    • The highest note on the Piano 26 (the gray metal one with the small keys) is C6, which is also the highest note in the keyboard layouts of almost all 32 key melodicas. This is not more piercing or shrill than C6 on other standard melodicas. This Piano 26 also definitely doesn’t sound more like a toy than other melodicas. If anything it has a richer sound than most. I find that in playing there are both advantages and disadvantages to having the smaller keys. It’s more of a problem if you have large hands and/or thick fingers.