• MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year ago

    Hi Melodica Me
    Thanks for your prompt response.
    I checked with my local accordion shop,Liberty Bellows in Philly and
    they do repair Claviettas as well as all types of accordions,etc
    I do not have the skill or patience to do my own repairs
    I also enjoy your music very much.
    Any opinion on the new Suzuki pro37 v3?
    The $300 price seems a little steep also taking into account
    that many players preferred the m37 at a much lower cost to the Suzuki pro37v2

    • Hi Mark, the Clavietta is not that difficult to repair although it is not at all like your other melodicas you have listed. The most common is leaks as many of the seals have dried and cracked due to time. You can replace those easily. If the brown gasket is leaking you can repair that easily as well. Many have been dropped and the air chamber cover may be slightly off set and. It can leak air. Now if you have to tune it here is where it become a little more difficult as you need to remove the reed to tune and then replace and wax the reed to prevent air leaks. Though many may be a little intimidated by this once you do it a couple times it becomes quite simple. Does Melodica require a lot of service or just a few items need to be fixed. If you can explain to me what these are I can walk you through it easily. You can send me some photos of the clavietta and more than likely I can tell you where to start. You can send me an email at anytime. Also via Facebook or Instagram messenger on our Monsters of Melodica page
      I hope this helps you

    • Generally speaking, if there is something on eBay you really really want, the only way to bid is via a sniping tool. I’ve found auctionSnioer to be really reliable. You just set the maxium you’re willing to go and they bid for you seconds before the auction ends.
      Yeah, it sucks, I know. But if you want to assure a win (or at least a fair chance) its how the game works now.