• MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I had tried a Hammond 44 out at the accordion shop I use for my accordion
    purchases and repairs.
    I was not impressed .
    It was more impressive when amplified.
    I felt that my Yamaha p37d and Suzuki m37c sounded just as good.
    The 44 note keyboard was more than I need.
    It is a shame that they don’t make a m37c or p32d with 1/4 inch jack volume control.
    I also saw an ad for a Suzuki w37 on eBay for auction
    with a buy now price of $1698.
    Are they nuts?

    • You can find the W-37 for the bargain basement price of $1287 on Rakuten. Too rich for me, but I’d have to hold one in my hands and play it to be sure that it’s not worth it. A W-32 would, however, be more likely to catch my attention.