Reply To: Tuning Standard


I’m glad that worked out favorably Alan.
I’ve seen people argue for being a little sharp, but to my ears being in sync with the rest of the band really makes a sweeter sound.
I’m wondering still about the reed chamber? I’ve had a couple instances where I altered the tuning just by re-seating the cover differently. Such as tightening the screws from left to right instead of left to right or tightening the center screw first etc.
I have a Dremel but never thought of using it for tuning. I’m like your daughter, I was afraid I would grind the reed in two before I knew it.
What I think would be great is some sort of single reed isolation cover that connects to the hose. That way I could lay the melodica down, leave it open, place the cover over a single reed to test it, file a little, test again, file a little, etc.
I experimented on this idea a little but haven’t gotten too far. There’s only so much precision one can have with duct tape Ha,ha.
I had read where someone suggested placing your lips over a single reed and blowing which accomplishes the same effect. I’m hesitant to do that I didn’t want to get metal filings and bit’s of sandpaper grit into my mouth and prolonged exposure to brass isn’t good for you.

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