Reply To: Giant Steps Monsters of Melodica


Thanks Kevin, the Hammond Hyper was recorded with a Neumann TLM 103 microphone from the side. I really like this melodica a lot. it is very responsive and the air chamber is very tight so you can play longer before you need to pull more air in, very important when soloing at 300 beats per minute. I tried to record with the direct output but was not at all happy with the sound a matter of fact, it sounded horrible. I am going to get a tube preamp and run it through that to boost the volume and see if the sound quality will improve. When I first heard the recording it blew me away, I thought it was a soprano sax in its upper register. note that there is no EQ added during the the recording or mix. It does have a little echo and reverb so it could fit into the track better and not stand out to much.


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