Reply To: Does anyone play without their shell?

Alan Brinton

The Mylodica was in my mind, and I actually own a soprano Mylodica. But I was actually thinkingt of some more compact enclosure. One thing I like about the 32D Pianica is that it is compact enough to be held in the hand rather than using the miserable hand strap typical of melodicas. I wondered if an even more compact and lighter enclosure might be possible. Not being one to fabricate things, I didn’t give it much further consideration. Something very minimalist, I’m thinking though, after coming to the realization that the enclosure doesn’t make a big difference to the sound.

The enclosure of the Mylodica is just the opposite: bulky, heavy, uncomfortable to hold. I have to say that my soprano is a big disappointment, for that reason and because it’s not so easy to play. Maybe this is because it’s a soprano. I don’t know if the alto Mylodica is all it’s cracked up to be and wish I had bought that instead so I’d know. But I suspect that the sound benefits of the wooden enclosure may be illusory. The Mylodica also has no spit hole. It’s real pretty, but the finish could have used some finer sanding.

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