Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Alan Brinton

That makes sense, Olivier, although it is true for everyone that it’s not possible to get the feel and look of a particular model without holding and playing it, which of course also gives you a sense of its key action, responsiveness and so on. If you asked which feels better and more comfortable in the hand, the answer would be clear for me, the Yamaha, and a Yamaha P-32D in particular, which balances nicely cradled in the left hand. I personally wouldn’t be without both a P-32D and a Suzuki M-32C. It really is not necessary to decide between them (or between the 37 key models, if that’s your preference.) I think it would be unfortunate to pass on these models just because there’s uncertainty from not being able to try them out. Life is short.

I predict that you will find an upgrade to one of these from the Performer 37 to be a quantum leap.

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