Reply To: Silvertone Orgamonica

Alan Brinton


I just opened up my Silvertone. You said you suspect that the issue is with the key mechanisms. Unlike many other Italian models, the Silvertone 34 has the key pads (that cover the holes) mounted on a plastic arm, so adjustment by bending the arms is not a viable option. Does the offending key depress and release smoothly like the other keys but just not sound, or is the key sticking. Are those keys evenly spaced? If the offending key is depressing and releasing freely but with no sound, it seems likely that its reed is not gapped properly (or, less likely, has failed). Is the spring tension weaker on the offending key(s).

You should be able to remove the end pieces and get a look at that high E key without having to remove the five bolts and lift the keyboard out. I wouldn’t be too nervous about lifting out the keyboard as long as you’re not forcing it. The worry would be about compromising the reed chamber gasket beyond the extent to which it’s already compromised by age. As I mentioned above, it’s hard to seat the keyboard properly to get a good seal, even with new gasket material. Mine is still not where I want it.


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