Reply To: Good keys for non-sloppy playing

Alan Brinton

Adjusting spring tension is a good suggestion. Increasing tension will make key action more stable, though there can also be a down side to this. Spring tension is adjustable on most if not all melodicas, Randy, even without adjustment screws. Most common are extension springs, whose tension can be increased by cutting off a loop and be decreased by stretching. The tension of compression springs can be increased by stretching the spring slightly (careful not to overdo it) and be decreased by cutting off a loop. Torsion springs are under the keys and can be bent in or out, “closed” or “opened.” If there are not adjustment screws, the spring has to be removed, adjusted, and then replaced. This is easy to do in most cases with extension springs, once you get the knack of it. It is a bit trickier with compression springs (which you don’t want to be launched off into the atmosphere), and harder with torsion springs, which are sometimes hard to get back into position. The main things to remember are not to overdo it and not to twist the spring out of shape.

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