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Hello Tatu, one of the reasons the clavietta is not as loud is that the sound can only exit through a small amount of room through the top back side of the keys. If the rear body is removed the volume is much louder. In my opinion, the sound of the clavietta is more refined than most melodicas with the exception of the Vibrandoneon or Eolina, the tone of the Hohner professional or the rare Solist is much harsher even though the inner main Reed frames are made of wood. My opinion again is that the reeds used by Hohner are phosphorus bronze and the clavietta are stainless steel. All the melodicas mentioned have one common feature, they all have single reeds and not a plate with multiple reeds. Tone is subjective as some may like the sound of stainless steel reeds and some más prefer the bronze. I find that all have a place dependíng on the style of music you play.
Monsters of Melodica

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