Reply To: Clavietta in the UK


I don’t know how many different models were actually made or when their release dates were. I own the following Claviettas. None have a date or actual model, just a patent pending number. Except the black version below which has none.

Gold anodized round metal cover with black grommet 34 keys NOTE: this is the nicest sounding Clavietta I own.
Painted gold round metal cover with red grommet 34 keys
Black metal (6) sided cover with black grommet 34 keys NOTE: This has the noisiest keys of all versions I have.
Red round metal cover green end caps 25 keys NOTe: this version has a different key spring. Instead of a compression spring over a screw, it has a crimped piece of metal that pinches the back of the key, no adjustment possible.

There is one as I mentioned as seen in the advertisment that Alan posted of a Clavietta with a pick up that looks similar to the black metal covered one listed above.

One thing I have noticed is that in some of these Claviettas the reeds face in a different direction than from each other. In other words spine tip of the reeds face towards the front of the keys and some face the back of the keys. They do not appear to have been removed then re-installed in a different position.

If anyone is aware of any other versions, please let us know.

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