Reply To: Any Recommended Apps for Tuning

Alan Brinton

I have used several different tuning programs and apps, on both Windows and my iPad. In my experience they do not differ much in accuracy, but I find the ones with a needle meter work best for me. I usually use AP Tuner on my big PC because it’s easier than working with a hand held device. A fancier AP Tuner app is available for iPad for $4.99 U.S. You can set the A4 frequency. The default is standard A=440. Melodicas tend to come from the factory tuned a bit sharper than that, to A=442 or so. In the settings (under Note on the Windows version), you can have it round to either the nearest cent or the nearest 1/10 of a cent. There’s also a sensitivity setting on the app. Other apps have a similar feature. I recommend rounding to the nearest cent (medium sensitivity, I guess) — otherwise the needle jumps around too much as you’re trying to get a stable reading. The AP Tuner for Windows is free.

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