Reply To: Traditional Irish music on the melodica



So recently I’ve been working on playing some Irish tunes on the melodica and it’s going well, I think, but I have some doubts. They’re mainly about repeated-note ornaments, which I find very hard to do.
I understand there are two ways of doing them: 1) holding the note while tonguing and 2) playing the note repeatedly, right?

My question is about tonguing. When I do it slowly it seems to work, although not as clear as I think it should be – the notes seem to sound a bit softer then the other “untongued” ones. When I speed up, it sounds like the melodica can’t keep up and the notes start to fail, so I get a bunch of “dead” notes which just don’t really sound. I’ve never played wind instruments, but what I’ve been doing is just using a t-k-t-k articulation. Is that the way it goes and with practice it’ll get better or is my melodica not so good? Or am I doing something wrong maybe?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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