Reply To: Samick A-27 (Suzuki A-27)

Alan Brinton

The reed plates, reeds, and other parts appear to be standard fare for 1980s Suzukis.

I decided to refinish the endpieces in a satin black semi-gloss for the heck of it. Here are photos of the results.

This looks the part of a Suzuki counterpart to the Yamaha P-25F. It has a cool look, better in person than in the photos. It has a Suzuki sound, though not really distinguished in relation to earlier Suzuki 25-27 key models. And it does not have the airtightness of some of them or of a Yamaha. Though I’m guessing I’ll appreciate this Samick more as time goes by, I’m disappointed. It has not met my expectations. And it raises doubts as to whether a vintage Samick is quite the same thoroughbred as its Suzuki cousin.

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