Reply To: My new Pro36

Adam Tombs

To be honest Alan, I am a little surprised at how much corrosion is on the reed. Considering that I stored it with all the rest of my instruments and I played it very little ( I use and abuse my melodyhorn as my every day ‘ride’).

It is humid where I live, close enough to the ocean for the fog to roll in occasionally, so my bodhran (frame drums) and stringed instruments always require tuning every time I pick them up to play. I think this is something different however as none of my other instruments are so affected, I doubt the salt air could do this, it may be a reaction between the new reed and the base…. which I think is some kind of alloy.

The Piano 36 reeds are totally different to the Pro 36 reeds, I think it would be easier to source a wrecked Pro 36 and use it as parts than try to modify it to take a Piano 36 reed.

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