Reply To: Neck strap for a 37-key melodica

Alan Brinton

783 grams – P-37D

I never use a hand strap. They’re terrible on almost all melodicas except the Hammond 44. I prefer a 32 key melodica, the Yamaha P-32D in particular, partly because it is more comfortable to hold. I find it much better to cradle the pianica in my hand, with my left thumb at the point at which it balances and with the mongest three fingers of my left hand opposed to the thumb. The flat sides of the Yamahas are conducive to a solid and comfortable grip. The P-32D is easier to hold, for me, because it is narrower as well as lighter. But the same grip works for the P-37D, except that I also further stabilize it with my little finger. This kind of grip allows a lot more flexibility as to the angle of your wrist. I also sometimes cradle the button end of a long melodica in my left hand in a more vertical position — I know others do this. Shifting to that position can give the hand a rest, and it’s easy to stabilize with the mouthpiece in your mouth at the top end. For me, the angle of the melodica and the strain on my wrist is awkward (one way or another) however I try to hold with the strap. It also creates problems in getting a good angle for my right hand.

It is interesting to me to see how pianonymous holds her Hammond 44, since she needs a comfortable position in which she can play with both hands.

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