Reply To: Gold Standard for Blues Melodica


Hi Lowboy,

thanks for that inspiring music you posted; it made me happy and sad at the same time – happy because of that expressiveness of the harp, and sad because I had the feeling that we melodica players will never achieve that richness of sound and expression: neither can we produce WahWahs that way nor can we do bendings like that (especially chords!) nor can we modulate the sound by forming certain vowels in our oral cavity and then playing.
But then I thought of all our efforts to push forward the development of melodica playing, and I thought of things we can do that harp players will never be able to do. Thanks to the keyboard we can play EACH melody and especially EACH chord exactly the way we want to without compromise (meaning 1.we can play chords with each extension we want and 2.we can play a chord in close harmony or in open position); we can play trumpet style and flute style; we can play with both hands which enables drones; we can play with a much wider dynamic range; we will find ways to produce proper WahWahs (think of your belly WahWah!) and so on… – and all this made me feel happy again because I suddenly knew that this is what is existing for, to give us a platform which brings us forward with melodica playing…
This may sound sugary, but for me it’s true – I’ve learned a lot from you guys and still will learn a lot for (hopefully!) a long time.

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