Reply To: Hohner history

Bruno Travi

In 2014 a general meeting of Hohner AG complete acquisition of the company by KHS investment convened by means of a forced sale was decided . The 2015 is effective.
That means for us, melodica players?
It is obvious that since 2014 they want to revive the Melodica, through new (and colorful) Airboard and Airboard Rasta in 2015. This is a way.
The other way is that the KHS Group also owns the Altus (Handmade Flute), Mapex (Drums) , Jupiter (Woodwind and Brass), etc. keep in Trossingen the 200 employees working in the areas of development and product design and manufacturing Top range harmonicas and accordions…And again become the Melodica “Handmade” included !

What do you think? What way will take KHS/Hohner from now ?

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