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Hi Ofir,

I normally don’t like to give advice on instrument selection because tone and playability are very subjective things. However, let me offer a few observations in a balanced way so you can at least factor them in to your decision along with everyone’s comments.

First, ensure you can return your purchase in case it does not meet your expectations. Many places will not allow returns on melodicas, but some do. Amazon allowed me to return a $200+ Suzuki Pro37 V2 about 9 months ago.

Speaking of the Suzuki Pro37 V2. I bought one as mentioned above and in 20 minutes knew it was not the melodica for me. It was extremely brassy and bright, filled with high frequency harmonics. To me, it sounded more like a horn section than an accordion. Again, that was my subjective evaluation, and it comes from a guy who like his melodicas as dark sounding as possible. So take that into consideration.

The Pro37 V2 costs well over $200.

When I hear Jacob Venndt’s video, I have to wonder how much EQ was used to get the Pro37 V2 to sound that way. Some people may love the bright brash sound of the Suzuki Pro37 V2, but I do not see too many people talking about this particular instrument on the forum.

For every day, mid-quality melodicas, I generally prefer Suzuki’s over Yamahas. Though again, that is a personal choice and they both sound good. In this case, however, I would describe the Yamaha P-32D as having a rich yet precise sound, particularly when playing chords. Chords sound smooth on this instrument, yet they are still bright. The Yamaha P-32D is constructed with precision and is very responsive in terms of playability. It is, however, made almost entirely of plastic.

If I had to say which brand sounds most like an accordion (Hohner, Suzuki, or Yamaha), I would pick Yamaha, but it is a close call and once again very subjective. Others might easily and justifiably disagree.

I have never played a Suzuki M37c.

The Yamaha P-32D costs about a third as much as a Suzuki Pro37 V2.

As Melodica-me and Troy suggest above, all of these instruments can do the job. It is mostly matter of personal preference, which does not help you too much because you cannot test these instrument side-by-side before buying.

However, I hope some of my comments help you make an informed decision.



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