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Hi Troy,
Thank you very much for your welcoming comment, I’m definitely here to stay.
By the way, I’ve seen your “circular breathing” video with your Yamaha – beautiful!

As for build quality, I saw a previous post comparing the two (with Hohner as well), and the conclusions.
The thing is that although I’m thinking of adding the melodica to my arsenal (meaning touring with it and holding concerts in festivals and so), I’m approaching this question with a different criteria, sound needs.

By listening to as many records as I can, It seems that the Yamaha tend to have noticeable overtones which makes its lows less ‘deep’; I’m also quite afraid of ‘thin’ highs at the Yamaha’s, as its lows and mid seem less ‘full bodied’. (or is it just the recording? I can’t tell nor get access to any of these before buying..)

It’s all very hard to decide, because I’m making my comparisons based on videos with varying sound quality, players (most of them are really really bad players..), and they all are playing only partial range of the instrument..

I would really appreciate if you can approach my dilemma from the sound aspect.

Thanks again 🙂

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