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Alan Brinton

More A-25 (Study-25 Models):

The Suzuki A-25 (“Study-25”) shown and described above is the original model produced from 1968-1972. A very similar version of the A-25, differing mainly in its venting slots/holes and in having a round mouthpiece receptacle, was produced from 1972-1985. A new model A-25B was introduced in 1985. Variations tend to exist within each Suzuki model generation, as you can see in these photos, which compare the 1968-72 A-25 to two 1972-85 A-25s. (These are all “Study” versions, which were mass marketed for elementary education.)

At the top is the original 1968-72 A-25. All three have what is essentially the same metal tray. The venting of the two versions of the 1972-85 model A-25 in the middle and at the bottom is, however, noticeably different. But the venting of those two is also not quite the same. On the other hand, the top and middle trays are smooth, while the tray at the bottom has a rough texture. These differences seem to me to suggest that the middle 1972-85 A-25 is probably older than the one on the bottom. The rough texture makes the instrument easier to hold, which suggests that it was intended to be an improvement.

The embossing of the Middle C on the bottom melodion would appear to be further evidence that it is the later of these two. However, the smooth tray 1972-85 has a push button spit mechanism, while the other two share the lever mechanism. So some experimentation seems to have been going on midstream with these models, as seems to be characteristic in the development of Suzuki Melodions. So there’s a lot more to the story than is shown on the Suzuki model charts.

The sound and keyboard action are the same for all three of these melodions, and the tuning is reasonably good.

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