Reply To: New Melodica – How to handle it?

Steven Morris


Sorry for the late reply!

I think it may depend on your particular business/plastic card, but as far as the business and plastic cards that I have go, they aren’t nearly as sturdy (or taut) as the reed lifter in the repair kit. I also think it probably reacts to pressure differently due to its narrow width.

With that said, there is no reason why you couldn’t find an appropriate alternative at a hardware store for cheaper. To be honest, most of the parts should be readily available. However, there are some extra screws and springs (for the keys) included should that kind of thing interest you (probably not worth the shipping cost involved though). I really like the case– It’s a great way to keep things organized, I also keep an extra set of reed plates in mine.

The files are also just the right size IMO… although I’m sure you could find the same sizes somewhere else.

Nice tip regarding burrs BTW. I’ll keep that in mind next time I tune mine! Thanks 🙂


You’re welcome! BTW please post an update regarding your case if you have the time- I’d love to see the finished product.


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