Reply To: Amplification for Melodicas


Alan, you can use your home unit but these systems are designed for full range applications that plays music that has been balanced properly, obviously you do not play loud or you would here the speakers distort. If you are on a piano patch you probably won’t here the distortion but if you are on a organ patch you would here the distortion at a lower volume. I frequent pawn shops and thrift shops to see if anything good is for sale, now more than often these old amps go for much higher prices simply because of sites like Ebay that post costs. There are many amplifiers that are well known for their superb sound and countless that are well ok, you need to do your homework to spot the good ones. Fender makes many good aplifiers as well as many that like some of our melodicas based for students. You will find that most lower cost instrument amplifiers are solid state and have no tubes. There are some solid state amplifiers that are excellent but you need to find the one that works for your needs, that is the challenge. As your ability improves and the quality of your instrument improves this issue becomes more serious since you want to sound your best. For the beginner well I suggest you practice and not worry about this kind of stuff, it only gets in the way of your ability to grow and master your instrument.

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