Reply To: Sometimes you just have to make it your self


Troy, a short update on the new mouth piece set up. This weekend, I played my Vibrandoneon for about 3 hours each day with my new mouth piece set up and as long as I cleared out the spit after every two to three tunes (depending on length) I had no issues with moisture. I wanted to see how the interior of the Vibrandoneon was so I opened the box and I saw no signs of moisture build up :). The pipe collect moisture quite well so I am happy with that part of the design. What I have done to make my practice even more confortable is to straddle a portable piano bench that I normally use for my Kursweil PC 88 keyboard and rest the Vibrandoneon on one end, this supports the instrument and it becomes very easy and confortable to play long hours, there is no need to support the weight, which after a while it would start to become uncomfortable for me plus the Vibrandoneon sits on a nice padded cushion. I will shoot some pictures tomorrow and post as it is a bit late tonight.

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