Reply To: Two Jigs on the Seraphone


Dear Jacob,

I have two more questions:

1.) Is this just my impression or are the “black” keys of the Séraphone still smaller than the black keys of the Eolina? (I’m more of a lumberjack than you are and my fingers – well let’s say, smallboned is not the word…)
2.) I could play an Eolina 2 ½ years ago and I was a little disappointed how much air it lost especially when playing chords. Besides this it was very difficult to play double tongues. The accordion trader told me this was due to the bi-directional reeds. Did you notice those effects with your Eolina, too? And do you use the same reeds in the Séraphone as used in the Eolina?

Thanks for your answers and greetings, Quetscher

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