Reply To: Differences in key size (width and length) between melodica brands, models?


Hi, James,

I haven’t been involved with melodicas for very long, but in my experience the key sizes between the current Hohner Airboard, Enforcer, and Performer, Suzuku Melodion 37, Hammond Pro and Pro HP 44, Yamaha 37 ERB, and older Hohner Piano 36 are all comparable. I have one Hohner Piano 26 that has much smaller keys. I think the current models are about 70% to 80% of piano size.

If there’s a rule for this that I don’t know, maybe somebody else will chime in with the details.

I’ve fiddle-farted with pianos for around fifty years now, but I’ve recently taken up organs. (Their keys are not exactly piano-sized, either, but closer than melodicas.) By the way, I have a couple of modern Roland compact synths (DS-61, VR-09B, and FA-06) that don’t have full size keys, either.

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