Reply To: Hohner Piano 36 (Gold Trim) Dismantle and Repair

James B

Hi Lamar! And thanks for the emails! I haven’t had any other success yet. The bottom cover is off but, somehow I need to get to the keys to see if I can reset or whatever may be needed. Not sure if the sides come off or not but, somehow it must breakdown farther than just the bottom cover.
I haven’t found anything on youtube that could help. Maybe the Piano 36 is just different to try to dismantle.
I’ve previously opened and worked on a Student 32 and had no problems but, this doesn’t look as easy.
Hopefully someone here will have had experience to know how to proceed. I want to be careful not to tear anything up trying to fix the bad keys.
If there’s a different spot on this site where I should post to get more help, please let me know.
Thanks for your emails and suggestions.

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