Reply To: Melodica closest to accordeon sound


And here is where melodica taste becomes so subjective.
To my ears the Suzuki sound just like an accordion.
The Yamahas are a little more harmonica sounding.

I don’t mean to spite Johan’s post.
I’m pointing out that we hear melodica qualities differently.

I think part of that is because there hasn’t been a definitive melodica recording by a definitive melodica star. What drives a great deal of instrument sales are players wanting to sound like a certain artist on a certain record. “What guitar does Eric Clapton play in the Cream years?”. “What sort of electric piano is Ray Charles playing on What’d I Say? I want to sound just like that.” and so on.

I suppose the closest thing we have are the many recording made with vintage Hohners.
Unfortunately no one manufactures melodicas that sound like that now, including Hohner.

Max, I’m afraid it may just be trial and error where you have to try a few to find a sound you want.

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