Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica


Gianluca wrote: “people tend to classify excellent players under the “virtuoso” category, like it’s just a matter of talent and not so much of hard work/quality of the instrument in itself.”

Man, this is so true. Folks mean it as a compliment when they call us talented. Unfortunately, by doing so, they disregard the work we put into learning to play an instrument. I think the concept of talent is too broad. I know there is physical talent, sure. But so much of what folks describe as talent is just the product of hard work.

Ellen Langer, a professor at Harvard, has studied “talent” and her conclusions are similar. Also Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” points out the work that goes into becoming what folks describe as “Talented.”

As a pianist I’ve often told people that my true talent is the ability to sit on the bench for sustained periods of time. They usually look at me like I’m nuts. But maybe that in itself is a talent!

Great thread. Thanks folks. RM

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