Yamaha P-25F

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Yamaha was established in 1897 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. Today it is the world’s biggest manufacturer of musical instruments.

Make: Yamaha
Model name: Pianica P-25F
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 25
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Beginner
Features: None
Year of manufacture: Unknown. Discontinued

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3 Reviews

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    Alan Brinton

    This is the little brother of the P-32D and is virtually the same except for the number of keys. Consult my review of the 32D for specifics. My P-25D did arrive not quite as well tuned as either of my P32Ds, but my guess is this is just coincidental. It is a very nicely crafted, compact little melodica. A 24-25 key melodica has some advantages. It's so easy to throw in your suitcase or day pack and is well protected in its ABS case. It is fun to play, and working within the limited range of keys encourages improvisation. Despite its small size and yellow color, the P-32D does not, in my opinion, have a toyish look or feel. I really like this melodica.

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    I am an experienced musician and play many types of melodicas. The Yamaha P-25F Pianica (also known as the P-25F) is becoming one of my favorite instruments to play. It is designed and constructed with precision. It has a high-quality feel. My example was well tuned from the factory and has maintained the tuning in spite of hard playing. And finally, it is compact, so it is easy to handle and wave around to obtain vibrato effects. Sometimes I bounce it rapidly against my stomach, which causes my diaphragm and lungs to respond with changes in air pressure, also creating a vibrator effect. rnrnThe mouth piece is very comfortable, and its curved shape enables you to see the keyboard better than a straight mouthpiece on other instruments. The water valve is on the front and is easy to use. As others have commented, the water valve seems to dump into the case. The water must be captured there where it evaporates, as I rarely feel water seeping from the instrument. I think that is nice feature.rnrnThe strap seems a bit cheesy, yet it appears comfortable and functional. I can’t speak with experience here, as I don’t use the strap. I don’t like to play with the instrument held out. I hold it from the bottom (opposite end of the mouthpiece) and pretty close, if not touching my chest and stomach.rnrnThe Yamaha P-25F Pianica is tight and very responsive. The keys feel great with a very smooth, quiet, and long throw. The refined tuning enables nice sounding intervals and chords.rnrnAt first, I did not think the sound of the Yamaha Pianicas were for me, but slowly the sound is growing on me. Yet, I am not your typical player. I am now playing my instruments through a Shure 520DX Green Bullet harmonica microphone (frequency response is a very narrow 100 to 5,000 Hz), a Lone Wolf Blues Company “Harp Delay” stomp box, and pretty soon, a Lone Wolf Blues Company “Harp Attack” tube distortion stomp box. I then complete further EQ at the mixer. So given this treatment, the sound of many melodicas/pianicas are similar. The bottom line is the sound—both natural and processed—is growing on me.rnrnThe P-25F Pianica only has 25 keys, but they are in the sweet spot for my playing. Occasionally I run out of keys at the top end. If you want more keys, you can purchase the Yamaha P-32D, which nearly identical to the P-25F only it has more keys, stretching it into the soprano range.rnrnSo that is it. I would rate this melodica very high. Five stars. And I like the yellow color.rn

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    A short comment for now - I've been playing the P25 for only 2 weeks and I really like it. Then tone appeals to me - it seems powerful (I don't just mean loud) and alive. Sorry it's hard for me to describe. I find myself drawn to play it more and more - it feels like I am expressing something and it's easy to make sing. Mechanically the keys work well and it is comfortable to hold (I blow without a mouthpiece). I have started to be able to bend notes on it, a new technique for me.

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