Victoria Vibrandoneon VB600 Mk II

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The accordion manufacturing company Victoria, was founded in Castelfidado, Italy in 1919 with the intention of making high quality accordions. Nearly 100 years later, it’s grown into one of the world’s leading accordion manufacturers, played by some of the accordion worlds best known stars, Richard Galliano and Frank Marocco to name a few.

The Victoria Vibrandoneon VB600 Mk II was designed by Guido Tononi

Make: Victoria
Model name: Vibrandoneon Mk II
Reed type: Single reed plates
Dimensions: 46.5 x 17.5 x 8.5cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Keys: 34
Country of manufacture: Italy
Player level: Pro
Features: Single reed plates
Year of manufacture: Unknown. Now discontinued

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  1. Daren Banarsë

    Daren Banarsë

    The first thing you notice about this melodica is its workmanship – the wood casing is crafted to the highest standard, and with 2 f-holes on the front, it wouldn’t look out of place in a classical orchestra, surrounded by antique violins. It has a rather elegant look, with a high quality plastic keyboard, the black notes are made out of solid hardwood. With the use of two stops at the top of the instrument, three voice combinations are available. There’s the single voice, the single voice an octave higher, or the option of combining both of these voices to play two notes simultaneously, an octave apart.rnrn rnrnThe inside of the melodica is constructed like the right hand section of an accordion, and contains two banks of stainless steel Binci reeds. The clear plastic panel on the back can be easily removed to access the reeds for tuning or cleaning. The Vibrandoneon is substantially bigger and heavier than other melodicas, weighing in at 2.3 kg, and measuring 46.5 x 17.5 x 8.5cm. The 34 notes range from the G below middle C to the 3rd E above middle C, the white notes measuring 65mm in length, and 19mm wide. The key depth is very shallow at only 3mm.rnrn rnrnSupplied with a long curved detachable mouthpiece, the Vibrandoneon is meant to be cradled with the left hand, leaving the right hand free to play. In practice it can be difficult to find a comfortable playing position, as the mouth piece is rigid, meaning you can’t make any adjustments to the positioning of the keyboard. This can be rectified by making your own mouth piece out of 10mm metal tubing, and bending it to suit your playing position.rnrn rnrnThere are two release holes at the back, one for each reed bank, which allows the player to release the excess moisture built up through playing. This works for a quick fix, but after a few hours of playing, the moisture content can cause some of the reeds to play out of tune. The only way to thoroughly dry out the reed chamber is to unscrew the 29 screws, remove the back panel, and leave the instrument in a warm place for a couple of hours. This would be a good time to clean the inside, which can accumulate dirt, calcium build up and mould!rnrn rnrnThe Vibrandoneon isn’t as easy to play as other melodicas – the keys are stiffer, and it needs a lot more air pressure. It takes some practice, but once you’ve strengthened your fingers and lungs, you’re rewarded with a powerful accordion-like tone, with the volume and projection of a professional instrument. The sound is focused, direct, penetrating, but with a sweet timbre, sometimes almost trumpet like in comparison to other melodicas. The octave setting sounds particularly good, expressive and bandoneon-like, but it does mean having to blow twice as hard, as two reeds are utilised per note. On the single voice setting, it’s loud enough to play with acoustic ensembles, and you also have the option to remove the front cover, which makes the sound even louder and brighter.rnrn

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