Sound Electra Mylodica Soloist

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Make: Sound Electra
Model name: Mylodica Soloist
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 32
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Intermediate
Features: Wood body, soprano
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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    Alan Brinton

    I have had this soprano Mylodica for a long time but almost never play it, partly because I do not care much for the man behind the curtain, the Suzuki S-32C Melodion that is inside, but also because the high end of that inner melodica is sealed off, so that there is no moisture release valve (an issue mentioned in reviews of the alto Mylodica). I know that some people believe that the wooden casing enhances the sound. But I have compared the Mylodica Soloist with an S-32C (both inside and outside its metal and plastic casing), and I don't hear much difference. Since the sound of the S-32C is directed up through the keyboard, I don't know that it's reasonable to expect otherwise. The visuals seem to have some affect on how a melodica sounds to people watching it being played and even on how it seems to sound to the player. I was really struck by this after I refinished a Yamaha P-32D in black. If you like the Suzuki S-32C, you'll probably like the Mylodica Solist except for the moisture issue. It is nice looking, though the wood workmanship looks better in photos than it does when examined closely.rnrnI have considered replacing the S-32C with an alto M-32C and figuring out how to accommodate its moisture release valve.

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