Hohner Instructor 32

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Hohner is a musical instrument manufacturer with a reputation for innovative design and invention. The company was founded in Germany by Matthias Hohner in 1857, who began making harmonicas with his wife and one other employee. During the 1950s the Hohner company added a newly invented instrument they named ‘melodica’ to their catalogue. The melodica was a success, and was soon copied by several other companies around the world.

Make: Hohner
Model name: Instructor 32
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 32
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Beginner
Features: None
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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2 Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Adam Tombs

    Here is my brief review of the Hohner 32 Instructor. rnrnI bought this melodica off a music store on ebay. It was touted as being superior to the Hohner Student 32 in regard to it's reed construction however as I have not compared it to the student 32 side by side I cannot verify if this is the case.rnrnCutting to the chase, this is a 'beginners' instrument and it's price certainly makes it an affordable introduction to the world of melodicas. The above being said, it's overall sound is surprisingly tolerable, certainly more so than other melodicas in this price range. There is a noticeable difference in keyboard 'playability' compared to my vintage Hohner Piano 36, with the Piano 36 coming out clearly in front in every way. Oddly enough the Chinese manufactured Intructor does compare very favourably to a my new old stock made in Germany Piano 26, it plays better, key action is superior and I dare say it is in better tune.rnrnIt's constructed quite solidly and comes with soft/hard case and the obligatory tubes and mouthpieces. Overall it's an excellent budget introduction, which is what I bought it as.rnrnGreat value for money with a softer more gentle sound than the Angel Melody Horn 37 (no disservice to the melodyhorn. It's a different beast entirely) rnrnProbably not a great choice for the professional musician but that is not the consumer group it is pitched at.rn

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    Alan Brinton

    I had two of these that I ordered from Amazon when they were down to $24.99. The listing and what I ordered was the Student. I'd bet there's not a lick of difference between the Student and the Instructer. Generally, I agree with Adam's assessment. It's a decent entry level, rather ho-hum melodica, a bargain at $25-30, too expensive at $40. The Suzuki F-32, which fluctuates within a similar price range, has a better sound and is a more interesting instrument, partly because it's easy to bend notes on.

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