Hohner Fire/Ocean/Black

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Hohner is a musical instrument manufacturer with a reputation for innovative design and invention. The company was founded in Germany by Matthias Hohner in 1857, who began making harmonicas with his wife and one other employee. During the 1950s the Hohner company added a newly invented instrument they named ‘melodica’ to their catalogue. The melodica was a success, and was soon copied by several other companies around the world.

The Hohner Fire and Hohner Ocean are the same model available in 2 colours – red and black (fire) and blue and black (ocean)

Make: Hohner
Model name: Fire/Ocean/Black
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: 50.8 x 19 x 7.6cm
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 32
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Beginner
Features: None
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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2 Reviews

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    Balázs Becker

    First I must admit that I am not a very professional melodica player yet, although I teach melodica to my music students. This review is to be seen in comparison with the two other melodicas I play regularly in my classes. One is the Suzuki MX-32 and the other is a cheap chinese 32-key model which is sold under a bunch of names.rnrnAs I had the chance to compare my Hohner Ocean to a Hohner Student 32 I really could not find any difference except the color, so I guess these are all the same (including the new black 37-key version?!)rnrnThe build quality is comparable with the Suzuki MX-32 but the feel of the plastic is somewhat cheaper for me. The key action is deeper with more travel than the Suzukis, but sort of the same with the chinese model I have. The sound is typical Hohner Student, the tuning is not accurate, some notes are sharp, some are flat again. The mouth piece is OK and does not get loose.rnrnIt's OK for playing, mine is at least loud :) But if you don't care about the colors take the Student, it is the same melodica for less money. Even the plastic transport case is the same and all the accessoires.rnrnSo, for beginners it is allright, but not for more.

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    The Hohner Ocean Melodica has a solid sound, albeit rather subdued, but the responsiveness of instrument, and the consistency of tone between keys, makes this instrument a decent quality instrument for the money. The tuning of the reeds however, for those of you who require it, is not perfect, and if I were so inclined, I would likely have to modify the reeds a bit. That being said, the variance between keys is minor, and in my opinion, it gives the sound of certain chords a novel character. What really restricts this melodica from the level of quality found in more professional models, is the build quality. Though the plastic casing closes adequately, there are small imperfections in the molding that don't make it as tight of a fit as it could be, and though I play my melodicas in my lap (with custom tube mouthpieces I create), the strap is cheap, and broke off a little less than a year after regular practicing. All in all, it's a good enough melodica that I'm happy to say it's in my collection, and though I will likely get a better made alto melodica, the playability of this instrument will keep it as my go-to for regular practicing. If you're looking for an attractive, unique, and lightweight melodica that is expensive enough to warrant attention, but inexpensive enough to not worry about taking it to more casual events or jam sessions, this is a nice choice.

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