Hammond Melodion 44

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Hammond are best known for their classic organs, which they began manufacturing in 1935. After a golden age in the 60s, they struggled after switching from tonewheel organs to integrated circuits in the 70s. When they eventually went bankrupt in 1985, Suzuki, who had been manufacturing melodicas since the 1960s, bought the Hammond name.

Make: Hammond
Model name: Melodion 44
Reed type: Multi reed plates, phosphorous bronze plated
Dimensions: 56 x 14 x 5cm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Keys: 44
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Pro
Features: 44 keys
Year of manufacture: 2009

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3 Reviews

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    This is my go to Melodica and one of my favorite

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    Alan Brinton

    A high quality instrument, as reflected in its sound, key action, good looks, and craftsmanship. It arrived in better tune than any other melodica I have (quite a few). The 44s have slightly longer and wider keys than other melodicas; I don't have any trouble going back and forth, however. This has the nice lever spit valve of high end Suzukis. It is a bit harder to play in that it takes more wind, and it is heavier. Mostly, I prefer 32 key melodicas, for which reason this isn't my "go to" melodica, but it is quite nice to have 44 keys to work with. Initially, I added a leather guitar strap and used the goose neck mouth piece, an arrangement that worked fairly well. But I'm finding that I prefer it without the strap and using the standard mouthpiece. If you like to sometimes blow directly into the end without a mouthpiece, as I do, the strap fitting at that end is annoying, but it can be screwed off. rnrnIs this instrument worth $500? I would say that, unlike my other two high end melodicas (Suzuki Pro 37V2 and Soprano Mylodica), the Hammond 44 is worth its high price. There really isn't anything not to like about this instrument. And Hammond says it can be sent in for free tuning.

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    I got a chance to play a Hammond 44 today. I own Hohners, Suzukis and Yamahas and like them all for different reasons. I found the Hammond 44 to be different from all the others in both tone and feel, different enough that I am going to buy one. I found the Hammond 44 to be very responsive, a wide dynamic range, and found it easier to play softly and quickly on low notes than on my other melodicas.

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