Bontempi Diamonica 20

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Bontempi are an Italian company, best known for their air powered reed organ toys in the 1970s and 80s. They now concentrate on electronic keyboards.

Make: Bontempi
Model name: Diamonica 20
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 20
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Beginner
Features: None
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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1 Review

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    Curiosity on this and a red one cheap finally got to me. All plastic, including the reeds I'm sure, weighs almost nothing, very tinny (plasticky?) sound. Can't be opened without a hammer. Badly tuned and untunable. It's too bad, because the baby Diamonica fits nicely in the hand and has strong visual appeal. If it were heavier, more solid, and had a moderately decent melodica sound, I would, as a small key enthusiast, be delighted with it.

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