Ballone Burini Eolina 45

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Ballone Burini are an accordion manufacturer based on Castelfidardo, Italy. They make the high-end Eolina in a choice of fir, maple, alder, cherry, cedar and walnut finish. The Eolina is unique in that it sounds on blowing as well as sucking air.

Make: Ballone Burini
Model name: Eolina
Reed type: Single reed plates
Dimensions: 19.5 x 44.5 cm
Weight: 2.4 kg
Keys: 45
Country of manufacture: Italy
Player level: Pro
Features: Single reed plates
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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    After many months waiting for the new Vibrandoneon from Ballone Burini I finally decided to move forward on purchasing a used Eolina since I have always been interested in the other True wooden melodica. Like the Vibrandoneon it is crafted very nice with the wood evenly matched through out. i had read that the Eeolina was very heavy but since I have been playing the Vibrandoneon and recently the Honer Electra, It did not bother me at all. I really like the accordion size keys. This is one thing I did not like about the Vibrandoneon (black keys). The pipe has a nice tight s-curve with a spit valve to eliminate the interior moisture issue, but you do need to blow it out often so not to create a build-up. The tone was not as what I expected, though nice and warm, I much prefer the tone of the Vibrandoneon. I do hear many tunes in my head that I can use it on especially on the more blusey tunes. The Eolina is not as loud as my Vibrandoneon and I would put it in the same volume as the Hohner Professional 36. I can say that the notes seam more stable than the Vibrandoneon and that they do not waver at low levels or high levels. The reeds do not allow for a distorted growl when humming through the mouth piece as all my other melodica's. vibrato is very very easy with little effort. I was able to put my French horn mouth piece in the pipe rubber fitting and it worked quite well. I much prefer this that the duck bill plastic piece, but that works well too. Well I guess the question from everyone that has heard about the Eolina is, how does the blow and suck part work. Basically it is the same note blowing or sucking, it is very easy to perform to the point that after an hour of doing it I can play a melody and can not hear the difference when I blow or suck. But when playing a lot of notes fast this feature is awesome. Now for playing chords like the Vibrandoneon you run out of air very fast and volume is very low for 3-4 not chords two notes together is ok but not great. What I did not like was cheap case that offers no form of protection other than keeping it from getting scratched. I have already ordered a new rolling ATA case for it that I will fit myself. Like the Vibrandoneon, it is a work of art and scream serious musician here when taken out of the case. I am still interested in the Ballone Burini plastic Vibrandoneon hopefully released in my life time. I have to give it 5 stars simply because it's only compition is the Vibrandoneon in appearance but in sound they are completely different. Would I choose it over my Vibrandoneon, probably not, but it warrants its own space. I will post pictures soon. rnMelodica-Me

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