Yamaha P-32D

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Yamaha was established in 1897 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. Today it is the world’s biggest manufacturer of musical instruments.

Make: Yamaha
Model name: Pianica P-32D
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: 42.5 x 9.6 x 4.9cm
Weight: 656g
Keys: 37
Country of manufacture: Indonesia
Player level: Pro
Features: None
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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3 Reviews

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    Alan Brinton

    This is my favorite melodica for regular use. I own two of them. I have completely disassembled a P-32D, including removal of the reed plates, and in my opinion the quality of its construction (and that of the 25 key Yamaha Pianica as well) is noticeably superior to that of other melodicas I have taken apart. (The same must be true of the 37D.) It has a compact feel to it and is nice to hold in the hand (forget about the strap). Keyboard action and tone are smooth and even from one end of the keyboard to the other. Yamaha pianicas also have an excellent mouthpiece. There are others that look like it, but they are not as smooth and nicely crafted. As for tone, I would prefer a bit more of a harmonica sound, as a matter of personal preference. But the P-32D produces good, clean, even, relatively mellow and stable tones. Both of my P-32Ds came pretty well tuned from the factory, and I could see from scraping on the reeds that some fine tuning had been done. My one complaint would be that each of my P-32Ds has a note that sometimes fails to sound, G4 on one and C5 on the other. rnrnThe spit valve seems to work differently on Yamaha pianicas, with moisture being extruded into the lower casing and then escaping through the venting. But this works better, in my opinion, than the usual design. Moisture buildup during playing is less of a problem with the Yamahas than with my other melodicas.rnrnThe P-32D is harder than some other melodicas to bend notes on, which I guess is a function of the stability of its tones. I guess every silver lining has its cloud.

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    My P32D came with inconsistent gapping of the reeds.rnWhen fixing the gapping, I saw many scrapes on the reeds indicating fine tuning.rnrnAfter the reeds were gapped to my liking, the pianica played like a dream.rnResponsive and stable, with a comfortable key action.rnrnI wish it came with a less childish looking case and colour though, I love it but my friends just cannot see it as a proper instrument.

  3. Daren Banarsë

    Daren Banarsë

    This is the smaller version of the Yamaha P37D. It is virtually identical apart from having 5 less keys. The Yamaha Pianicas (P25D, P32D and P37D) are all very solid, well designed instruments.rnrnBeing slightly more compact than the P37D, it is easier to hold, so recommended if you can play all of your music within it's range. Personally I would prefer G to D rather than F to C, but that's because I rarely use a low F and could do with the high D.rnrnThe reeds are some of the best sounding of the 'multi reed plate' school. They're stable and loud, but like any melodica, will need tuning from time to time. The tone is bright and resonant. Mine arrived in tune, but needed gapping on most of the notes, as they were slow to respond to the breath. (Gapping is where you gently bend the reed, making it closer to the reed plate).rnrnIt is interesting that there seems to be less moisture build up with the Pianicas, compared with other melodicas. Despite hours of playing, there never seems to be much moisture to release.rnrnThe P32D comes in a bright blue plastic case. This is a major flaw, and limits its use within professional settings. (The P37D comes in a much more tasteful burgundy case).rnrnThis melodica offers fantastic value for money and is highly recommended.

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