• Jerry Ballard posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    I’m about to place my rare Regina Accordina on EBay for $1995 but first wanted to give the group first dibs for $1800, essentially giving my friends the commission instead of EBay.
    I’m only selling because my new Vibrandoneon arrived, and I no longer need this as my backup instrument and want to see it played as it deserves.
    I’ll try to upload photos ASAP, it if you’re interested, I’ll send pics by mail immediately.
    I’ll be posting to eBay in about a week.
    This instrument may be the finest piece of musical craftsmanship I’ve ever seen, let alone had the privilege of owning.
    It’s design features, from its magnificent fit and finish to its technical innovations such aa an innovative 2-screw disassembly, and “Amado” water key from Stomvi make it as much a work of art as a fine and rare instrument.
    Binci reeds with flawless multi-wood craftsmanship.
    This is in pristine condition, less than a year old, and purchased new would be $1000 more, with a minimum 6 month wait. It’s designed to be a highest quality instrument in every respect.
    It’s sound (to my ears) is closer to clarinet than the normal “harmonica” sound of other Accordinas. Great volume and clarity that cuts through other instruments.
    Here’s a link to a recording I made with it recently.

    This is a serious instrument.