Neill Jaslowski

  • @abrinton Hello Alan, Thanks for you reply. It is the Burgundy metal model. There is no sound when playing one of the keys, plus I’m sure it needs a tuning as well. I have had it for over 40 years and it has sat for quite a while…!

    • Many of us here tune and do some repairs on our own melodicas, Neill.

      The reed for the key that’s not playing could have failed, or it could be stuck or need re-gapping. You should be able to tell by opening it up. The gap (distance between the reed plate and the tip of the reed) may need to be widened. This can be done easily by sliding…[Read more]

  • Any help in getting my vintage Hohner Melodica alto repaired and tuned, I live in New Jersey. Thanks.

    • Which model is it, Neill? The green button model, the burgundy metal piano model with the small keys, or one of the plastic models? And what’s wrong with it?

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