Pál Krammer

  • Janko Melodica Short Video Clip.

    I have a link to a short clip made by the great Adlai Waksman last September at the North East Squeeze-In, which is a wonderful weekend of free-reed heaven. Anyway, he has generously given me permission to share. Here’s a look: https://youtu.be/IkX5lb-YXiM
    This is the crude prototype, but after literally 30 s…[Read more]

    • Very well done! I see what you mean about the complexity of the keyboard not being that much greater than the standard one.

      I’m really happy you took this project on and am interested in how it develops.

      • Thank you for the feedback. I am holed up from COVID, and am playing, rather than making, but am quite excited by the concept. The Yamaha 32 is here, and waiting for me. I’ll post any progress.